A formula acting to repair the source of the damage, leaving you with shiny voluminous hair moisturized and manageable from root to tip. This is the birth of a new idea in hair-care that appeals to all five senses!

Ayurbio products are based on the belief that the key to strong and beautiful hair is to bring out the original beauty of hair by strengthening the roots and enhancing volume. This product is based on concepts from the science of life, Ayurveda. It is a prescription that uses 15 kinds of red plants (red botanical ingredients), including apple stem cells, to repair every source of damage.
Furthermore, with a combination of 16 kinds of amino acids and raw keratin, it ensures complete care for the foundation of hair by moisturizing it to the root, and giving you manageable hair that is shiny to the tip.
It also focusses on Yoga, which shares a deep relationship with Ayurveda. We have developed the unique concept of "Kami Yoga®", which integrates the breath control techniques of Yoga, and can stimulate the five senses of a woman.
It's not just about growing beautiful hair...
This is the dawn of a new concept in hair care appealing to the five senses!

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